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3 Reasons Why Readers Don’t Buy Your Books and How To Fix It

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Every self-published author will be willing to pay any amount of money just to get more people to purchase his /her books.

This is because, there are so many thousands, if not millions of books published every second in this world — but a lot of them rots away in bookstores without having anyone to read them.

Please take note that in this article, I will be sharing with you the reasons why people don't buy your books and how you can fix that and start getting buyers.


You may be one of the best author in the but that doesn’t move a needle if you don't know why you aren’t selling and how to fix that. So read this diligently and take action.

  1. Nobody understands your title — Don’t defeat your communication by getting too cute with titles. And for nonfiction books, realize how valuable an effective subtitle can be. These key elements are worth your best work.

2. Nobody knows you published the book — Putting some thought, planning, and effort into launching your book is a great place to start.

3. You forgot to research keywords and categories — If you ever wondered why books are not visible. Its simply because you faled to use the right keywords to target your readers. Metadata in all its forms has become more and more important to make your books visible online.


Have you ever wondered what keywords would perform best for your book?
Or what categories you should use for your book?
Or how much your competitors are making with their book?

If so, then I have the perfect tool for you! It was specifically created for authors who wish to sell more books and ebooks.

I don’t know about you, but as an author, I prefer spending my time writing my books instead of marketing them. Over the years I’ve read all sorts of articles and books on how to increase my book sales, and one of the most helpful tools I’ve been able to find is Publisher Rocket.

Publisher Rocket helps me in four key areas:

Best Keywords for my book
Who my Competitors are (so I can learn from them)
Best Categories for my book
Best Keywords for my AMS ads

With this tool, I stopped guessing what keywords I should be using for my books and instead was able to find keywords that were actually typed into Amazon’s search bar by real shoppers.

One of Publisher Rocket’s most powerful features is its Competition Analyzer that lists the books that rank on the first page of Amazon for a particular keyword. This feature also allows you to see how well any of your competitors’ books are performing and in what categories their books are currently enrolled.

Publisher Rocket also lists all of Amazon’s 11,200+ categories and subcategories, along with how many books you would need to sell in order to be the #1 bestseller. So instead of sifting through all those categories ourselves, this tool does all this for us.

And if you run sponsored ads on Amazon for your books, then this tool is absolutely indispensable, because its ads feature helps us effectively and efficiently create a large list of profitable keywords for any of your campaigns.

One of the reasons I’m such a fan of Publisher Rocket is that it is currently a one-time investment, meaning unlike so many other softwares out there, it doesn’t require a recurring, monthly subscription fee.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes the testing of the software absolutely risk-free to us.

So if you’d like to give Publisher Rocket av trail, you can do so right here.

I’ve been using this software for years now and can’t imagine launching a book without it. I hope you find it as helpful and indispensable as I do.

Happy writing!



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